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Owning a Husqvarna bike means getting the best of it all, be it performance, functionality or aesthetics, along with complete ease of mind. Husqvarna motorcycles are backed with a warranty you can trust. In order to to minimise your waiting time and ensure a swift response, we have made our warranty application process streamlined and straightforward. Once your application has been filed, every step will be undertaken with great care.

Your application approval decision will be known in as fast as 60 minutes for common faulty part and 24 hours for uncommon faulty part so that the repair work required by your motorcycle can be carried out as soon as possible.

Warranty claim: Step-by-step instructions

Carefully curated for your convenience, our fast, easy and reliable warranty claim process sees to it that the motorcycle defects are fixed in a timely manner.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Go to authorize dealer workshop

Step 2

Dealer check and evaluate (warranty terms and conditions apply)

Step 3

Warranty claim submit by dealer

Step 4

Defective part replace by the dealer

Warranty Period

The warranty period begins on the day on which the vehicle is first put into operation. Any faults or defects must be reported to an authorised Husqvarna dealer within the warranty period.

The period within which a warranty claim can be made depends on the model and is specified in the delivery certificate. Husqvarna motorcycles that do not have a delivery certificate are excluded from the manufacturer warranty.

The customer must report faults or defects to an authorised Husqvarna dealer by the end of the warranty period in order to effectively assert a warranty claim.

Scope Of The Warranty

The Husqvarna manufacturer warranty applies worldwide. Claims under warranty must be made to an authorised Husqvarna dealer. The manufacturer warranty is linked to the vehicle. If the vehicle is sold during the warranty period, the provisions shall remain in force and can also be claimed by the new owner subject to compliance with the respective warranty terms and conditions and warranty periods.

Important Notice

Regular and proper service by an authorised Husqvarna dealer, complying with the service intervals prescribed in the Owner’s Manual is a prerequisite for the warranty claims to remain in effect. When you take your motorcycle in for service, ensure that the proof of service is properly and fully entered in Husqvarna (service registration number). You can check the service history via the website in the service section. In the event of incomplete proof of service or if the service work is not carried out within the specified service intervals, the warranty claims will lapse.

Warranty Terms And Conditions

Husqvarna shall be entitled to reject warranty claims if and insofar as:

  • The customer fails to have one of the services specified in the Owner’s Manual carried out or has had it carried out later than specified;
  • The service and repair work performed on the motorcycle was not carried out by an authorised Husqvarna workshop;
  • Service or repair work has been carried out on the motorcycle that does not comply with the technical requirements, specifications, and instructions of the manufacturer;
  • The service or repair work carried out on the motorcycle made use of spare parts that are not approved by Husqvarna, or the vehicle was operated with fuel, lubricants, or technical fluids (including cleaning agents) that deviate from the specifications set out in the Owner’s Manual;
  • The motorcycle has in any way whatsoever been converted, modified, or equipped with parts that have not been expressly approved by Husqvarna;
  • The motorcycle was stored or transported in a manner that was technically inappropriate;
  • The motorcycle has been used contrary to its intended use.

The above-mentioned exclusions shall not apply if and insofar as the customer establishes that the defect in respect of which the claim is made is not attributable to the reason for the exclusion.

Warranty Exclusions

The following are excluded from the manufacturer warranty:

  • Wear parts such as, in particular, pistons, cylinders, spark plugs, 12-V batteries, fuel filters, oil filter elements, drive chains, sprockets, rear sprockets, air filters, brake discs, brake pads, clutch plates, bulbs, fuses, footrest rubber parts, tyres, hoses, throttle cables, and other rubber parts;
  • Lubricants (such as oils, greases, etc.) and technical liquids (such as battery fluid, coolant, etc.);
  • Inspection, adjustment and other periodic service work, and all cleaning work;
  • Lacquer or corrosion damage that can be attributed to external influences, such as stone chipping, road salt, industrial emissions, or other environmental influences, or to improper cleaning (e.g. due to unsuitable cleaning agents);
  • All direct and indirect consequential damage caused by defects and all direct and indirect additional costs arising from a damage or warranty claim (such as telecommunication, board and lodging, rental vehicles, public transportation, salvage costs, towing costs, accommodation) and other financial losses (such as loss of use, loss of earnings, loss of time);
  • Any aesthetic or acoustic phenomena that do not, or only slightly, impair the usability of the vehicle (such as hidden or minor flaws in appearance, normal riding noises, and vibrations);
  • Signs of aging (such as the fading of painted or metal-coated surfaces).